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Essay on importance of education

The system of education, its content and purpose.

The most important component of the spiritual life is the system of education, which is associated with the implementation of the process of disseminating knowledge. It covers the activities of really formed social institutions that train young people to live on the basis of their knowledge in pre-school children’s institutions, in secondary specialized, vocational and higher education institutions. The value of education in human life is increasing, and therefore it can not be limited only to the period of study. The urgent need to constantly raise the level of knowledge led to the emergence of such an interesting phenomenon in public life, as continuous education. This process is accompanied by the search for new forms and methods of learning that contribute to the correct formation of the scientific worldview, a deeper understanding of the economic, social changes that take place.

Education is one of the oldest social institutions that is caused by the needs of society to reproduce and transfer knowledge, skills, skills, prepare new generations for life, prepare subjects of social action to address the economic, social and cultural problems facing humanity. In the modern world, education is a complex and diverse social phenomenon, a sphere of transfer, mastering and transformation of knowledge and social experience. Education is a certain system of educational and educational institutions, which carry out various forms of engaging their experiences in assimilating the wealth of culture. Education integrates different types of educational and educational activities, their content into a single social system, orientates them on a social order, on the social needs of mankind. Among the social institutes of modern civilization, education is one of the leading positions. After all, the good of man, the position of culture and spirituality in society, the pace of economic, scientific and technical, political and social progress, and it depends on the quality and level of education. Training, skills, study, and other concepts, terms are used to provide educational process.

The fundamentals of human education, her hard work and many other spiritual qualities are laid from an early age. The role of preschool institutions is great in this regard. However, their significance is underestimated. Quite often, from the field of view, it is a fact that this is an extremely important degree of education, which is laying the foundation of human personality. And the essence is not quantitative indicators of «coverage» of children and satisfaction of parental applications. Kindergartens, nurseries, combines — is not just a means of «supervision» for children, here they pass their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Unlike pre-school education, which covers almost half of the children, school education is common. This means that all young people are provided with and guaranteed the opportunity to graduate from a secondary school that there are no «dead angles» («deadlines») in the education system that impede the acquisition of secondary education. However, the interpretation of general secondary education as an absolute obligatory led in practice to the formal pursuit of compulsory coverage of all those who completed part-time secondary school, full-time secondary education, lower quality of knowledge, overestimation of grades, «percentage tonsis» and other significant disadvantages in learning and educational work.

In life, learning takes a long period, taking away its productive creativity and years. When applying for a profession, a young person must study at least ten or fifteen years, and for a profession of higher education, education is up to twenty years. Education interferes with human life since childhood, in fact, a person does not have a clear idea of ​​the psychological consequences of such an intervention. After all, the tradition has already been established: in a family, the child reaches six to seven years, and then she is sent to school, forgetting about her training physically, psychologically, etc. It is believed that the child should study, develop knowledge, general and responsible phases of teaching fall on the period of social self-affirmation, manhood man — professional, family, civil. Sometimes there are some or other slopes in the child, but in the family they do not notice them and they do not notice them at school, but in the meantime the slopes are suppressed, and the intranets, the attraction to one or another knowledge of the child fades out, does not develop. The child gradually turns into a bowl that fills it with little by little. And the majority of boys and girls, ending in school, do not have a clear idea of ​​a profession, specialty, and receive information from parents about them. Often, often in families, where only after receiving one or another specialty they try to pass it on to children: teachers send children to study at teachers, doctors — to doctors, etc. Tired studies, where a person is given, as a rule, a passive role, a pleasure of culture, rarely gives the fruits of infantilism. Young people are more likely to fall into stressful situations, change occupations, re-acquire certain knowledge, specialty, and sometimes frustrated, desperate formally refuse to obtain knowledge, and for the latter seek to obtain a certificate, diploma, certificate of knowledge.


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