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Argumentative essay abortion

For each newborn child there are two who did not appear to be born as a result of an abortion, and this indicator grows year after year. Many experts believe that, in order to reflect the real situation of things, these indicators should at least be doubled.

At the same time speaking and writing about abortion in Ukraine is very small — so little that far not every woman knows anything about abortion — in addition to the fact that it exists. Perhaps the reason for this is quite simple — those who can and should talk and write about abortions, do not want to do this, subconsciously feeling their guilt for involvement in this act in one form or another. No one denies that the problem is «unpleasant», so one should talk about something more pleasant. But if you are guided by this approach, you need to start assuring the sick person that he is healthy, instead of starting to treat him. Therefore, one should try to tell about abortions, showing this problem from different points of view and lighting it as objectively as possible.

Who and why does it.

There are three groups of women who go to this barbaric, but sometimes necessary procedure:

1. Sexually illiterate teens — young girls (15% of all, abortions) who have recently learned the «adult» life. As a rule, they are completely dependent on parents, socially insolvent. In girls — teenagers 15-17 years, 75% of pregnancies ends with abortion, that is, 1 childbirth accounts for about 5 abortions. Due to the fact that the girls are afraid of a punishment from the mother. Which, in most cases, learn about the pregnancy of the baby late.

2. Women with a «hopeless» situation.This group includes more physically and morally mature women.As their abortion causes them to go unplanned pregnancy arose as a result of the ineffectiveness of pills or other means of pregnancy, rape or the inability to continue pregnancy in connection with severe acute illness, death or divorce with a husband, in the absence of social conditions for the upbringing of the child.

3. Women who deliberately use abortion as a means of «preventing pregnancy.» Like our 60-70 elderly grandmothers who did not know another means of protection against pregnancy, such as abortion, their contemporaries, due to their lack of education, low social and educational levels, poverty, go to abortion.

Types of abortions.

There are various types of abortion surgery, with each operation designed to perform only a definite period of pregnancy and is characterized by its peculiarities and complications.

Mini-abortion — this method applies to the period of 4 weeks of pregnancy. During this operation, the metal extensions are sequentially introduced into the cervix, with each subsequent tool larger than the previous one in diameter. After these manipulations a vacuum tube from the vacuum aspirator is inserted into the uterus. The resulting negative pressure contributes to the suction of the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) and the child’s body. If an abortion is performed for more than 4 weeks, the child’s body is torn apart.

It is believed that a mini-abortion was invented in 1927 by a Russian scientist.

In the 60s of our century, abortion was started by suction of the contents of the pregnant uterus by means of metal cylindrical tips with lateral apertures and an electrovacuum pump. This method was much better, because it allowed to shorten the duration of operation and reduced the possibility of complications: perforation of the uterus, bleeding, infection. The longer the pregnancy is, the more likely it is after the surgery.

With the increase in the period of pregnancy in the female body begins hormonal reorganization, which abortion violates, there is a failure, recovery requires time. Therefore, the smaller the size of the cavity of the uterus and the fetal egg, naturally, the vessels are less damaged, and, consequently, less dramatic abortion occurs.

It is best to hold it at 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. At a mini-abortion from metal extensions, they refuse, that is, they do not risk the injury of the muscular apparatus of the cervix, then rarely have complications, which in the future often become the cause of non-occurrence, if a woman wants to give birth. An abortion in the early stages of pregnancy does not require general anesthesia, which in itself is a very serious interference in the body of a woman. Mini-abortion for women is carried out under local anesthesia.

After a mini-abortion woman needs 30-40 minutes to lie down, and after 2-3 hours she can return to her daily life.

The complications after the mini-abortions are 5-6 times less than after the abortions conducted in the traditional way. But, unfortunately, even with a mini-abortion, complications still occur.

Therefore, three to four days after abortion, avoid overcooling, eliminating physical overload. For three weeks sex is prohibited. In order for uterine contractions to pass normally, it is important to monitor the timely emptying of the intestines and bladder.

Two weeks after the operation it is necessary to appear to the gynecologist, as one percent after the mini-abortion, it is still possible to continue the development of pregnancy — more often in the uterus, more rarely — outside it………….

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