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Argumentative essay on global warming

Given the name of the problem, there may be an impression that global warming is only a temperature increase. But that is not the case at all.

At the same time, a large part in the greenhouse effect is played by a water vapor. The volumes of this pair increase with the heating of the Earth, so there is a closed circle: under the blanket of gases, the Earth is heated, so more water evaporates, and, rising to the atmosphere, the water vapor provokes even more heat.

In general, scientists say, there are several gases that cause the greenhouse effect. Most of them are formed as a result of combustion of fossil fuels from organic fuels by cars, metallurgical plants and energy companies, and this is, first of all, CO2. Its concentration in the atmosphere is also increasing due to deforestation.

However, some «pest» scientists also call the methane CH4 gas, which is released from garbage dumps and as a result of agricultural activity (especially after grazing of herbivores), and N2O nitrogen oxide is formed from fertilizers. In addition, the gases that are used for refrigeration plants, production processes, and at the same time, study the influence of aerosols on climate change may have a negative impact on the atmosphere.
There may be a false impression that global warming is literally «warming» — only a rise in temperature. For example, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, spoke about climate change sharply before he took office, calling it «fake».

In his Twitter, he often wrote a message like: «In New York, ice cream — where to hell is global warming?» — what caused laughter among scholars and not only.

global warming

The movement of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Instead, global warming, above all, is characterized by continentalism, that is, a sharp change in weather, temperature fluctuations, an increase in the difference between winter and summer temperatures in certain regions, and numerous natural disasters. Among scholars, it is thought that global warming does not necessarily mean an increase in the number of single types of disasters, including hurricanes.

In fact, this means that the most powerful and destructive cataclysms will become more and more often, and most importantly, their diversity will increase.

That is, due to climate change, typhoons, hurricanes, droughts, floods and even earthquakes around the world will take place. Andrea Hempel, a university employee at the Geological Institute of Hanover, is concerned that «the melting of glaciers will lead to an increase in the magnitude of earthquakes if the earth’s crust under the now-covered ice surface hides the weaknesses that can» go along the seams. »


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